Suspended In Heaven 

Mother is gone, her journey’s unending 

She's leaving this shore for the sea of all-knowing 

She's gone on to find where the gods hide in waiting 

Silently calling her children back to them 

Mother is gone, her journey’s unending 

We’ll see her pass by in the night sky a’glowing 

And she'll see the blue of the oceans rising 

The tides of a teardrop, suspended in heaven 

Mother is gone, her body’s at rest 

Her spirit is on its heavenly quest 

The sun and the moon just two points of light 

A beacon from home, an anchor in flight 


Mother is gone, her soul climbed the mountain 

and leapt to the stars just a’singing and shouting 

She lives in the dust that shimmers and shines 

And follows a pathway no mortal can climb