Forward together, not one step back!

At the end of last week, it came to our attention via the Wall Street Journal that our music was played during a public event hosted by Mike Pence in Raleigh, NC on Aug 4. While we don’t think the article meant to imply any intentional connection between our music and the campaign, we’ve given it a lot of thought and feel compelled to chime in on the subject. We want to communicate to our fans and to the community at large that we morally oppose the platform that the Trump/Pence campaign is built on, and we do not sanction the use of our music at any of their events.

We strive to be part of progressive, inclusive change for our hometown, the state of North Carolina, and the country as a whole. We believe the right to vote is an integral part of the democratic process, and we plan to make our voices heard this November. We encourage you to do the same. has a presence at many of the festivals and shows where we perform, and they are a great resource for getting registered and finding voting times and locations. Forward together, not one step back!