"It's hard to explain how magic happens when two talented songwriters fit perfectly together. Mandolin Orange (Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz) seem to just sit back and ride their intuitive harmonies and languid lyricism through songs about faith and life's little unpredictable changes. Marlin's lyrics flow into each other, making the melody feel like something that happens on its own. It all feels so effortless and beautiful, you don't even realize you've been sucked in until the songs reach in and tug hard at your heart." 

-NPR MUSIC, Top 10 Folk & Americana Albums of 2013


"Mandolin Orange carries an understanding of tradition and shape it into a thing of beauty. They craft simple songs that go beyond chord progressions and vocal harmonies, leading somehow toward something pure. Using acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin and a hand-me-down fiddle, Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz allure with a heart-worn sensibility. Haste Make/Hard Hearted Stranger combines bluegrass, rock and country for lullabies that swoon." 

-Ashleigh Phillips, Independent Weekly   


"The duo's debut, Quiet Little Room, arrived in 2010. "We've always been inspired by the old stuff," says Marlin. "Learning these old tunes and playing these old tunes, they've been around for so long because the songs themselves are very strong. Lyrically, melodically, structurally speaking, they're just strong tunes." That attention to craft was apparent early on in Mandolin Orange's fusion of gospel, bluegrass, folk and country into elegant heartbreak ballads."

-Bryan Reed, Magnet Magazine