This Side Of Jordan
August 20, 2013, Yep Roc Records

"On its third album, the magnificent This Side Of Jordan (Yep Roc), Mandolin Orange offers both. It surges with a full band’s depth without sacrificing any of the front-porch closeness or weary sincerity. It’s no coincidence that it’s also Mandolin Orange’s most pointed album, lyrically."

-Magnet Magazine

Haste Make / Hard Hearted Stranger
November 8, 2011

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We released a sophomore double album on November 8, 2011 called Haste Make/Hard Hearted Stranger. Haste Make was recorded with Jeff Crawford and James Wallace in winter 2010/2011 at Arbor Ridge Studios West in Franklin, NC and at Arbor Ridge Studios in Chapel Hill, and was produced by Jeff Crawford and Mandolin Orange. Hard Hearted Stranger was recorded in summer 2011 at Rubber Room Studios in Chapel Hill and features Andrew and Emily alone, produced by Andrew Marlin.

Reviews of Haste Make/Hard Hearted Stranger:

"Love it ... It has the plainspoken, mournful power of bluegrass and the elegance and intricacy of American classical, like Copland or Barber. Fantastic record." -Rosanne Cash

"...the Chapel Hill duo has developed an intriguing blend of folk, bluegrass and pop. Haste Make / Hard Hearted Stranger does a good job of allowing that music to rise to the top, unfettered by overproduction or unneeded genre diversions. " -PopMatters

"Before completing the first listen of the album, it was an immediate contender for album of the year [...] There’s no one we can think of that should not listen to this album." -EarToTheGroundMusic

"This is not music made to be pretty, but pretty music made to be honest... It surprised me even more that after 18 songs I still wanted more."  -Twangnation

"From beginning to end, the whole package is remarkably consistent. Haste Make/Hard Hearted Stranger is paced perfectly and there’s no excess. It takes just over an hour to listen to both discs, but it feels swift. It’s easy to get lost in the pitch-perfect southern gothic tone and beautiful harmonies." -Triangle Music Blog

"a softer version of Dawes with the addition of a female voice and a more prominent fiddle, which is accumulates to simple, yet intoxicating sound."  -Music That Isn't Bad BLog

" 'Haste Make’ is pure unadulterated classic country. The way it was intended to be. Fiddles, piano, pedal steel and lyrics about loss. It’s a mellow tune that just sets the goosebumps climbing up your arm. ... Songs like ‘Haste Make’ are very rare so it’s a treat to hear something in this vein."  -Stage Dive Malta

"mighty kind on your brain, visiting all the right nooks and crannies without ever overstaying its welcome.  But it’s most certainly welcome to."  -The Wounded Jukebox

Track Listings:

Haste Make Hard Hearted Stranger
1. Haste Make
2. No Weight
3. Lines On The Floor
4. Wake Me
5. Runnin’ Red
6. Not A Word
7. Slither
8. Ships Sail Away
9. Angel
1. Big Men In The Sky
2. Never Die
3. Clover Tune
4. Killer
5. Hard Hearted Stranger
6. Next to Nothing
7. Train Song
8. Darling Girl
9. Birds Of A Feather

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Quiet Little Room
May 2010

Track Listing
1. These Old Wheels
2. Your Cryin' Eyes
3. Wee Bird
4. Easy
5. Modern Man
6. One More Down
7. Night Owl
8. A Thousand Amen
9. Life On A String
10. Lullaby
11. Poor Boy Poor Me
12. Quiet Little Turnaround

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