Our Tiny Desk Concert is LIVE!!!

We’re excited about our Tiny Desk concert releasing today! We played “Golden Embers”, “The Wolves” and “Wildfire” for a small crowd in Washington, DC and are glad that they picked up on “the joy and thoughtfulness” in our music! Check it out here.

One of the beautiful things about art is that you can interpret it in many ways and on the advent of this release, we wanted to share what “The Wolves” means to us.

This is a song about country, about national identity, fear of one another and the other, and how the pack mentality has become this country’s own worst enemy. The horrific treatment of our fellow families at all of our borders was the spark for this song. The news headlines get darker and darker, and many of us just see them flash by on our phones. Which pack does that put us in? Everything is not great, and so many see that, but it’s in our silence and inaction that we get swept into the pack. We love the Statue of Liberty as the mother figure for the country throughout this song. The sun it rises on her brow and sets upon the great expanse.

Love y’all and thanks for listening.

Andrew & Emily