• Cowboy boots + new song!

    In case you missed it on the social medias last week, we hooked up with Hillsborough, NC performance series Sawyer Sessions to play a new song and a favorite cover in a little room filled with cowboy boots (Uniquitiques, for local folks). Here's  “Little Worlds” (new)--visit the session page for our cover of Joe Newberry’s “Missouri Borderland” and a track from This Side of Jordan.

  • Kimble!

    We get a lot of inquiries about our instruments, especially about Andrew's mandolins.  Wanted to take a quick second to share our love for Andrew's new (but rapidly breaking-in) Kimble A-style mandolin.  We are lovers of old, weathered instruments but this mando is incredible enough to be the exception.  The craftsmanship is smooth and detailed but simple.  Will Kimble, the Cincinnati-based maker, was so easy to work with and committed to getting the right mando into Andrew's hands... an all around joy.

    This is a very genuine endorsement, motivated only by our own desire to spread mandolin love.

    Hear it in action: