• Europe: thank you!

    We are back stateside and wanted to send out a sincere thank you to all you folks who came out to the shows in Europe, and to Chatham County Line for taking us on our inaugural trip.  We are still buzzing and cannot wait to get back over there! Thank you for making it all a super fun success!

  • Friday night sold out, film photos from Leif!

    Thank you all SO much for getting your tickets for post-Thanksgiving Cat's Cradle! Our Friday night show with Leif Vollebekk is now SOLD OUT and we can't wait! Leif was on tour with us this past September and took some beautiful photos on a real camera (film and everything!!).  Here's a sampling to celebrate, see you all in a few weeks! (And tickets for Saturday are still ripe for the pickin' here).

    all photoz (c) Leif Vollebekk 2014